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20x40 Commercial Tents For Sale or For Rental

20x40 commercial grade frame tents are the ideal choice for many types of parties, festivities, and promotions. We carry many color options and types of styles, ranging from high peak tents and standard frame tents to the less conventional tentflatables that feature inflatable props up on top. These themed tents with inflatables, such as our Halloween and Thanksgiving tentflatables, are very popular during the fall season. We have also made a fun beach themed tent with two colorful beach balls resting on top of the canopy. Many of our themed tents are available for rental, but any can be manufactured upon request. 


Custom digital printing is available for all of our 20x40 canopy styles. If you have your own logos and graphics that you want put on the tent, we can do it! We also have many accessories to choose from, like walls, flags, counters, table covers and more. 

20x40 custom commercial frame tent spca sumter

A 20x40 tent is excellent for parties, since you can have at least 100+ people underneath it. With about 800 square feet of usable space, you have enough room for a mini bar, some disco lights, and an awesome dance floor. Let your inner party animal out. 


All 20x40 tents are manufactured in California, using commercial grade vinyl and polyester materials that are guaranteed to last.

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