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Custom Table Skirts with Logos

Infuse your image with impact full branding! Introducing....Table Skirts with Graphics

Leading the way in direct to fabric digital printing to create unparalleled colors in the industry.

Our Design Team is determined to provide prompt table skirt or cover renderings and layouts at no additional charge. In a quick 1-2 hr. rendering turn-around time, our creative team will facilitate you in actualizing your vision.

One year warranty - Only company to offer an extensive warranty on all TABLE SKIRTS, TABLE COVERS, TABLE THROWS, TABLE BANNERS, and AD FINNS.


What s your turnaround time?

Fast Turnaround- 5-7 working days
Faster Turnaround- 1-4 days.
Please call for rush order fee.

What s type of material do you use?

  • Polyester Fabric

  • Fire Retardant

  • Wrinkle free

  • Machine washable

What should I know about the printing process?

  • We use a Dye Sublimation Direct To Fabric Printer that is state of the art and the latest in cutting edge technology. The most common form of Dye Sublimation is the two step process, with our Direct To Fabric Printer the printing to paper and transfer to fabric step has been eliminated. The dye sublimation process has always provided vibrant colors that are unmatched in comparison to standard large format digital printers. With our Direct To Fabric Printer eliminating one of the steps creates even more eye popping images that are unmatched even by Dye Sublimation standards. Direct To Fabric Printers have just recently been introduced in the United States and have had great success in all of Europe in the last few months.

  • All inks used in our Direct To Fabric Printer have UV ingredients that add additional life span to your table cover or skirt, table throw, table runner, table banner, ad fin, banners and flags allowing us to offer a three year warranty that is unmatched by any competitor.

  • No more full color charge.

What about shipping?

Free Ground Shipping! Not applicable with other service levels. (ie: Next Day, 3 Day)

Table Cover Sizes

4' Standard Table Cover: 48"x29"

6' Standard Table Cover: 72"x29"

8' Standard Table Cover: 96"x29"

table cover sizes
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