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Custom Misting tents

Promotional Design Group offers Misting Tents For Rental or for Sale, from small to large scale sizes for Commercial or Industrial applications. Promotional Design Group is located in Los Angeles California and we operate out of a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse

Our Misting Tents are used for many different Industries such as Sports Stadiums, Amusement Parks and Fairs across the country to Auto and Horse Race Tracks to Commercial use from Construction Companies for dust suppression and as a cooling misting tent station for construction workers to prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Our Misting Tents are constructed and designed to be installed outdoors where there are large crowd gatherings and operate best during higher than normal temperatures.

Our Misting Tents are designed to be set up on almost any flat surface and where there's electrical and water connections (with adequate pressure) readily available.

Benefits of Using a Misting Tent Stations

  • Misting Tents are great plus to have for decreasing body temperature during a hot day and are a great comfort for many to cool down under.

  • Misting Tents will certainly decrease heat stroke possibilities and probable law suits for not providing adequate safety measures.

1000 PSI Hi Pressure Misting Tent Station

All of our Misting Tent Stations come with a high pressure 1000 PSI Misting Pump. There are two sizes of Hi Pressure misting pumps available; a gallon per minute and a 1 gallon per minute. The Size of the Misting pump or System will depend on the size of the Misting Tent Station.

The benefits of using a 1000 PSI Hi Pressure Misting Pump

  • Reduces the temperature in the misting tent by as much as 30 degrees compared to outside temperatures.

  • Produces a fine fog effect rather than a mist which lasts longer and does not soak anyone as a traditional mister that operates on low pressure.

For Misting Tent Remote and Temporary Installations Where There is no Water or Electricity

Misting Tents can also be installed in remote areas where there is no electricity or water. With the use of generators and water tanks an installation of a misting tent can be performed without any problems. We have water tanks for sale or rental as large as 500 gallons available. The amount of water containers and the size of a generator needed will depend on the size of Misting Tent and the duration of the event

Misting Tent Design and Sizes

  • Our Misting Tents are designed with a flat roof to prevent any hot air from getting trapped under a tent which is a common occurrence with traditional tents that have a peaked top. When heat gets trapped under a traditional peaked tent the temperatures usually are hotter than standing right outside in the open.

  • Our Misting Tent Stations also come with a mesh top which allows better ventilation and better lighting. The Misting Tent Station's Flat rooftop design allows for an even distribution of our misters and no misting continuity is lost. Our Flat Tent Top design provides a more effective and balanced mist all throughout.

  • Our High Pressure Misting Tent Stations come in several sizes from 10'; 15' and as wide as 20' and as long as 60'.

Misting Tent Station Sizes Available: 10x10, 10x20, 10x30, 10x40, 15x15, 15x20, 15x30, 15x40, 20x20, 20x30, 20x40.

Installations are performed anywhere the United States and Canada by our dedicated Misting Tent Station technicians. There are additional fees for Misting Tent Station Installations. Call us for a quote.

Custom Misting Tents With Logo or Graphics

For Brand Presence (if you decide to purchase) our misting tent stations they can be customized with your logos or graphics along each valance. There are four valances on each Custom Misting Tent Station.

As an option we also offer Custom Sky banners that measure 3' by 10' on each side of the Custom Misting Tent Station for Sponsorship opportunities or to promote a product or service. Our Sales Person will collaborate with our design department to produce a rendering with your logo or graphics for your approval on your Custom Misting Tent Station.

Here is a list of the many Industries that use our Commercial and Industrial Grade Misting Tents.

  • Football Stadiums

  • Fairs

  • Auto Race Tracks

  • Motor Cross Racing

  • Swap Meets

  • Special Event Companies

  • Schools

  • Baseball Stadiums

  • Concerts

  • Motorcycle Race Tracks

  • Special Events

  • Construction Sites

  • Production Companies

  • Churches

  • Soccer Stadiums

  • Amusement Parks

  • Horse Race Tracks

  • Commercial Businesses

  • Trade Show Industry

  • Military

  • Cities and Counties

For more information on Misting Station rentals and sales, please call one of our sales staff members at (626) 579-1772. Thanks for visiting us at Tents With Graphics

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