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Car Dealership Inflatables

Selling a car ain’t easy, which is why we’ve made our Vehicle Inflatable Signs or VIS for short, to help do some of the heavy lifting. Marketing can be very powerful, and a gorgeous car or truck on an inflatable sign on top of a tent will definitely grab some attention. We custom manufacture eye-catching tents and inflatable products that are guaranteed to boost your exposure and turn it into sales.


Our dynamic inflatable car signs can be manufactured to be standalone signs, but can also be made with an inflatable base that raises its height by five feet and also with a 20x20 commercial grade tent. If you’re looking for a specific tent design, we can help make it. Since we digitally print all of our products in-house, we have the ability to design and print them however your dealership wants. So whether you’re looking to get a tent with an inflatable car up on top or a standalone Vehicle Inflatable Sign, we got your covered. We carry many Car Dealership Inflatables, so give us a call to check our rental inventory before they're booked up.

20x20 promotional frame tent inflatable car 2012 Chevrolet Camaro
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