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Inflatable Misting Stations For rent or Sale

Fashioned with high-pressure misting pumps that emit chilled water, our Chill Zones will be the most popular event tent at any hot-weather festival.

Proving that Tents With Graphics is truly in the business for pushing boundaries, we've created a one-of-a-kind event tent that takes promotional events from cold to cool. Chill Zone tents are all-encompassing misting stations that give event-goers a break from the heat, humidity and sweat common at summertime soirees. Featuring built-in cooling structures that emit a gentle mist over everyone who enters, these amazingly innovative custom event tents are guaranteed to be the hub of activity at any mid-summer industry fair or festival. Each of our Chill Zone tents is conceptualized, designed and built with one goal in mind: ensuring that your company tent has an added edge over all the others.

Here's how our inflatable misting tents work: they use high-pressure misting pumps that emit a soft, just-right amount of cooling mist into the central portion of the structure, effectively chilling everyone who's within the frame. Most often used for summertime events where people are spending full days, like music festivals, fairs, races or sporting events, these water tents are truly attention-grabbers. Our high pressure misting systems can be added to our inflatable Chill Zones, frame tents or installed in our standard pop-up tents. Whichever shelter you choose, you can add custom graphics to the frame to ensure that everyone who stops by takes in your unique branding.

As with all of our custom inflatable structures and promotional tents, Tents With Graphics can quickly and effectively create your promo Chill Zone in a matter of weeks. Just send us your design idea and we'll respond with a detailed quote and a free, 3-D rendering to help you get a solid idea of how your structure will look. Once you approve and/or edit the design, we can have your custom misting tent shipped to you in just two to three weeks.

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